PANTONE Formula Guides/coated, uncoated with Color Inspiration Package (GP1201)

 The new version of 2007 has been redesigned and restyled, with a color inspiration/2007. It providdes greater color area per swatch and easy access to color data. Wide array of colors totaling 1,114 choices identified by unique name/number for precise comunication. It's the international standard for the selection and specification of spot PANTONE Colors. This Formula Guide is a requisite tool for graphic designer, pre-printing professional and printing factory.





 New larger size format provides a greater visualization of color. Stripe coated and chromatically arranged by color family, our color-on-paper fan deck contains over 1,900 PANTONE Textile Colors. Designed for portable use, the PANTONE for fashion and home color guide is ideal for sample shopping, client or vendor meetings and on-site reviews.


潘通金屬色配方指南 (2007 新版本 ) 封面經重新設計,包含 204 個耀眼的 PANTONE 金屬色,採用最新專利工藝印製,所使用的紙質比以往版本使用的紙張更亮更藍。本指南所有色號按順序排列,同時標明瞭 PANTONE 編號 ( 如: Pantone 8001C ) 和油墨配方。設計簡單,攜帶方便帶,是設計師、相關專業人士的理想的色彩工具書。

PANTONE Metallic Formula Guide + Chips

 For the shimmering look that only a metallic color can deliver, the PANTONE metallic guide + chips contains 301 dazzling PANTONE Metallic Colors on coated stock with and without an overprint varnish. Each of the chromatically-arranged colors is displayed along with its unique PANTONE Number, ink mixing formulation and two tear-out chips for communicating these sophisticated shades with confidence.

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