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We take the pleasure to introduce our factory to you. Our factory is a direct manufacturer of the bag sealing tapes. There are three kinds of bag sealing tapes manufacturing in our factory. The Permanent bag sealing tape and the resealable bag sealing tape, also the textile sealing tape.
Here are the specification for your reference:

  Permanent Sealing Tape:
  500M long with the various width of 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.
The permanent bag sealing tape can be used in sealing the express delivery bag, the confidential bag , the garbage bag , the pet decoration bag ,the gift bag, it can also be used in the low temperature function. It is excellent adhesion ,it can seal the bag tightly and also it has a big distroy to the bag you sealed, once the bag be tore it can not be for the second usage.
  Resealable Sealing Tape:
  1000M long with the various width of 10mm, 15mm, 19mm.
This tape is a common adhesive sealing tape, it application in the common sealing bags.
Such as the PP, PE sealing bag,or the PP,PE plastic bag.
  Textile Sealing Tape:
  1000M long with the various width of 10mm, 15mm,19mm.
This tape is used specially in the textile sealing bag. One of its advantageous is that it can assure you that the textile in the bag would not changing color for the dye material and the adhsive reaction,which the common tape can not assure. Here we would give you the reason for the color changing
a. The glue in the tape would react with the dyeing material and make the textile change its color.
b. It is so strong when they make the electricity corona procedure, that you can see the bag has been pined out under the observation of the microscope.
c. It is also related with the dyeing material, the light series color would suffer the color changing frequently. Such as the grass green ,the pink and so on
d. After series manufacturing procedures. The temperature and the humidity mixed in the bag make the textile's color change.
e. The high density material can avoid the textile changing its color, such as the BOPP.
    Please do not hesitate to tell us your problem you suffer from the sealing tape. And we would try our best to serve you with our whole hearty.


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